Pre-recorded video interviews: you set up text or video questions, the candidate records video/audio answers in a limited time; watch it at any time. Use it as a separate tool or in combination with others.

What does a video interview bring?

This tool saves days of both your and the candidate's time.
In contrast with an online interview, there is no need for arranging and scheduling the meeting.
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COVID-safe: no direct interaction while hiring goes on.
Candidates enter into your unique CV database and you can get back to them and rewatch the interviews later.
You can build a connection with the candidate right from the start, presenting questions in a video format and inspiring them to express themselves.
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How does a video job interview work?

Video interview

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Tech-friendly: a video interview can be recorded and watched from any device (mobile, laptop, tablet)
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Perfect opportunity to check out a candidate's soft skills remotely.

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