High-volume hiring

To look through a large flow of candidates and pick only those relevant for the position
To save time on giving feedback and follow-ups
To streamline the process and make sure that it's is smooth and integral, set up once and for all, convenient for the entire recruiting team and solving all the challenges of high-volume recruiting process
Whether you need to find seasonal workers or are opening a production site or a retail store, and all in a short period of time, then you'll face a wide range of challenges on how to manage high-volume recruiting:
Our digital hiring tools are perfect for high-volume recruiting, reduce the time-to-hire, help to find the best candidate, and fill the position quickly.

How do we make high-volume hiring easier?

Unify and track all your sourcing channels through one entry point for candidates — our eye-catching job posts.
Set and launch your automatic filter funnel for high-volume recruiting. Use a cut-off application form with key questions, ('When are you ready to start?'), and see only those candidates who meet the basic requirements.
Save hours on arranging and conducting face-to-face interviews: watch up to 5 minutes of a pre-recorded interview and decide whether to share with the hiring manager.
Integration with other HR tools allows you to manage candidates most efficiently.

Features we recommend to use:

Job post
Application form
Perfect match for your position

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