To find dozens of candidates for an internship program in just a few weeks, or even in a few days
To create an attractive employer brand
To make a fair and accurate assessment, and maintain a personalized approach to each applicant
Organising internships and hiring graduates might be tricky, if you're either a specialist with years-long experience or a graduate recruitment assistant. Job applications might look the same. There's no direct link between a good GPA and future job performance. We can help:
Our tools help you to highlight your corporate DNA, improve your employer brand, optimize graduate sourcing and become a magnet for young top talent.

How do we help to make graduate recruitment most productive?

Make a statement about your brand — create a sophisticated job page in your graduate recruitment online.
Set up a cut-off application form to auto-reject those lacking vital experience.
(Double) check necessary skills with a flexible assessment system.
Keep it personal and assess soft skills while hiring graduate students: let graduates pitch themselves and show their strong traits in a pre-recorded video interview.

Features we recommend to use:

Job post
Application form
Perfect match for position

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