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VCV is an AI-powered Robot-Recruiter that searches for candidates, calls them with questions using voice recognition, and then invites them to record a video interview

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How much time do you spend recruiting one person?

The average recruiter spends 21 hours to select 3 people from 250 CVs for a face-to-face interview.
VCV helps recruiters save 20+ hours.

Before VCV: Average Recruitment Process

  • 8 hrs to screen 250 relevant CVs
  • 5 hrs to interview 50 candidates via phone
  • 1 hr to schedule interviews
  • 7 hrs to interview 7 people in person
  • 3 candidates selected for hiring manager

Total 21 hours


With VCV: Average Recruitment Process

  • 2 mins to screen 250 relevant CVs
  • 3 mins to interview 50 candidates via phone
  • 3 mins to schedule interviews via chatbot
  • 35 mins to watch 7 video interviews
  • 3 candidates selected for hiring manager

Total 45 minutes

How the magic is being done

VCV’s Recruiting Bots work 24/7 (with no vacation or sick leave) helping you:

2. Chat

VCV gives candidates a choice of preferred channel of communication to source initial information - online chat or phone call.

3. Phone interview

VCV can make hundreds of calls in a minute. VCV uses voice recognition technology to understand candidate responses and explain details on the position. TEST IT OUT NOW.

4. Video interview

Watch recorded video answers to your pre-determined interview questions to decide whether the candidate is the right fit for a face-to-face interview. Want to save even more time? VCV can use hiring intelligence and predictive analytics to further screen candidates, sending you the best ones for the job.

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That’s Not All! VCV is working for you on and off the clock to make data-driven decisions

Our machine learning algorithms analyze not only current candidates, but also all potential candidates for future positions.

Predictive analytics

VCV’s technology can also make predictions on the future performance of an employee.

We are proud of our clients who have already started on the AI recruitment journey

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VCV integrates with any ATS or HCM systems

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We believe that success of every company is in its people. VCV has been creating technology to help businesses find and select great talents as fast as possible.

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Do you think people will talk to a bot?

We not only think, we know they do as we had tested it for about 2 years. Bot calls people who posted their CVs on job board and they are currently looking for a job and interested in receiving calls from employers. The first question the bot asks - is it convinient to talk now?

What is the difference between VCV and Skype?

The main difference is that Skype is online communication, both you and applicant communicate online and see each other. Digital interview is a recorded video by a candidate with answers to the questions you created in a text format. In other words, you are not supposed to be online while a candidate records his/her answers. The candidate does so at any convenient time, after receiving a link. You can watch the video at any time and as much time as it is needed.

For what vacancies VCV is the most effective?

VCV is good for all types of vacancies from entry level up to middle level positions. The most common job vacancies are in sales, marketing, finance, and administration. Most of our clients use VCV for intern programs, sales force and retail staff.