4 Insights from HR Tech World 2017

On October 24-25 our team visited HR Tech World 2017 in Amsterdam. We made it to the top 5 finalists out of 40 companies and took the third place in the Startup Competition!

This year's conference was dedicated to the Future: how our workplace will look, what our work will be like, how and according to what criteria we will be hiring employees, etc.

Discover the most interesting first-hand information from the conference!

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1. It is important to control the digital addiction
Legendary Arianna Huffington, the founder of The Huffington Post, was the keynote speaker at HR Tech World 2017. She shared her vision on the future of work and on the impact of HR technologies on society further on.
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Arianna Huffington
Founder and CEO of THRIVE GLOBAL, Founder of The Huffington Post and author of 15 booksActress
The increase in automation and AI, what some are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is obviously going to bring profound changes. In the workplace, it's going to create a premium on essential human qualities like creativity, intuition, and wisdom. The paradox is that these are the exact qualities that are impaired by our addiction to technology. So our ability to build our resilience for the technology-dominated workplace of the future depends, in no small measure, on our ability to – right now — recalibrate and take control of our lives and our relationship with technology.
2. It is essential to turn the information into value
Peter Hinssen, the Co-Founder of Nexxworks and one of the world's opinion leaders on subversive innovations told us about the importance of working with the big data: companies have terabytes of information not only about their clients, but about employees and applicants as well. Peter advices HRs to follow the example of their marketing colleagues and to value the information, to use it more effectively while searching for talents and motivating employees.
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Peter Hinssen
Chairman & Co-Founder Nexxworks
It is essential to turn the information into value. To use it for talents searching. Focus on individuality. Proactivity. Communicate to achieve goals.
3. «Digital HR architecture» determines the need to be more flexible, to learn constantly
Bersin by Deloitte principal Josh Bersin shared his vision on transforming of the HR market. Over the past three years, a complete reinvention has transformed the entire marketplace for HR software, platforms, and tools. While cloud-based systems have been replacing legacy software, a new industry of tools for team management, agile performance management, digital learning, cognitive recruiting, and productivity improvement has quickly expanded. These new systems, built in a new "digital HR architecture," are redefining how HR and IT teams should think about technology. It is important to remember about improving the methods of management and staff development – they need to be more flexible. Corporate culture, employees' involvement and the certain set of values are the priority aspects, which are worth paying attention to and constantly working on them.
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Josh Bersin
Principal & Founder Bersin by Deloitte
Artificial Intelligence: "advanced analytics " where the quantity and quality of the data are the key parts of it.
4. Artificial Intelligence VS Human: while implementing AI, it is important not to lose an adjusted set of human values
Nick Bostrom, Oxford philosopher, the Founding Director Future of Humanity Institute, says that "sentient machines are a greater threat to humanity than climate change". He is remembered by his hypothesis of the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence impact on company employees and the importance of preserving the human values while using modern technologies.
4 Insights from HR Tech World 2017 - picture 4
Nick Bostrom
Founding Director Future of Humanity Institute
There are a lot of things that machines can't understand currently because they are not that smart, but once they become so, I don't think there would be any special difficulty in understanding human suffering and death.
8 digital services from HR Tech World 2017
1. BEEKEEPER - the digital workplace app that connects desk and non-desk employees across locations and departments in real time via mobile or desktop, https://www.beekeeper.io/en
2. WalkMe - the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) enables the business to simplify the online experience and eliminate user confusion, https://www.walkme.com/
3. Workday - the service combines finance and HR in one seamless system for better business performance, https://www.workday.com/4. staRHs By Resourceful Humans - the solution enables and beautifully visualises 360-degree feedback in realtime, https://resourceful-humans.com/
5. Culture Amp - an agile approach to employee feedback, https://www.cultureamp.com/
6. ServiceNow - a single platform to orchestrate processes across the enterprise with an Intelligent Automation Engine so you can work smarter and faster, https://www.servicenow.com/7. Sage People - an end-to-end, cloud HR and People system for mid-size multinationals, based on the Salesforce App Cloud which delivers a holistic, consistent experience from joining to leaving, https://www.sagepeople.com/
8. Fosway Group - HR analyst practice provides independent research and advice on key trends, underlying business drivers, and outcomes from Next Generation HR and talent, http://www.fosway.com/

This is a small part of HR solutions presented at the conference. The event was attended by 200 speakers from different industries in total. We got charged by the new ideas for the whole year ahead of us and we are already looking forward to the next conference!