Fears no more: how to conquer what scares the life out of recruiters

Halloween or not, all recruiters have fears. We've gathered the 10 most common that almost every recruiter faces every day. Frightening? It is! We're here not to frighten you, but rather to help — we will reveal the 'spells' (tools) to make all your fears vanish. Dare to go further and discover the solutions that will let you feel safer while hiring.
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Ghost-candidates. They don't look so cute as this emoji. They disappear before the interview and never return. We suggest you put a GPS tracker on them… Just kidding!
✨The way to deal with ghost-candidates and minimize the risk of them skipping the interview is to stay in touch all the way from the moment of initial contact and try to build a sincere relationship. Make the candidates feel comfortable so that they'll share their true thoughts, and agree early on to be open and honest. At VCV, you can also customize an automated reminder-email that will tell your candidate that the meeting is happening soon.
The opposite of the ghost-candidate but no less frightening is the trick-or-treating job seeker. These are candidates who keep asking for feedback. Again and again. Even after you've given it to them.
✨Don't give a candidate the opportunity to do this, so be ahead of the curve and send proper feedback in time. Don't miss your own deadlines. Make feedback personal and structured. This won't take a lot of time if you prepare in advance: work out ready-to-go templates and customise them. Automation tools such as VCV help give feedback easily and not to forget anyone. For example, we have templates for all possible scenarios: for offering a candidate to record their video CV, for making an offer, for rejecting a candidate and much more. You can add your own templates and send them by just one click. (Templates are sent out automatically when you attach a certain status to a candidate).
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Makes you feel as if in a hot pot and sends shivers down your spine – The Burning Man. Or, in other words, a very hard position to fill, along with a very tight deadline.
✨A recruiter can usually detect such a situation as soon as they see it. So, don't rely on chance — work out a plan and a schedule. Don't keep the hiring process and the info you need on paper notes or in Excel files; but rather, start using digital tools to help you better track and assess a candidate. For example, define in advance the skills that are crucial for the position, and give scale points to candidates and leave notes on each. That will help you to find the one and only who you've been seeking for without the stress.
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Welcome to the Cemetery of Hopes, or rejected job offers. The third time in a month, huh!
✨The key to come out as a winner (or at least not a sad loser) is to brace yourself from the very beginning. So prepare for the worst, but of course hope for the best. Another thing is that even if the candidate accepts the offer, don't go on a drinking binge to celebrate, but rather keep looking for more candidates before the contract is signed. And don't boast too much when the offer still hasn't been accepted (oh, especially to the hiring manager). Overall, Murphy was right!
Catch me if you can, or hiring managers who need new team members but don't have a minute to review a CV or even a video resume. One day they again postpone feedback on the fruits of your work; they might even say 'Relax, it's my fault, it's me who is making the process drag out. But the next day they come and say, raising their eyebrows: 'Why isn't the position filled yet? We need this person urgently!'
Broken magic… a situation when you find a great candidate for the position, but then you proudly go to the hiring manager, only to learn that the search has been cancelled.
Deletrius the Eradication Spell: one day you realize that the candidates' data has vanished. Maybe it was a technical glitch, maybe you accidentally deleted it yourself, maybe someone else got access to the files and sabotaged your whole work – whatever the reason is, we're sure that doctors will equate losing vital information to a small heart attack.
The X-files or hiring someone who is not the person they pretend to be. Does everybody lie? Not always, but stay vigilant.
Put a quart into a pint pot, or find the perfect candidate for a typescript developer with 15 years experience. Basically, to make dolphins fly or beetles speak.
Jack-o-lantern: too much work. You, your notebook, a candle in a pumpkin and you stop distinguishing day from night.
We're all taught to confront our fears, and this is what we've done together in this article! Save this advice to feel safe whenever you come face to face with the recruiting monsters. Did you enjoy this trip to the 'world of recruiter fears'? Share this advice with your colleagues and friends!
VCV.ai helps you make this process as straightforward and easy as possible: create a vacancy and a list of questions; then ask the candidates to record their answers in video format, and select the best ones. You can also create tests to gauge a candidate's knowledge: use audio, video and pictures, and also utilize the anti-cheating feature.

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