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Find, Screen & Select Job Candidates in Minutes
VCV is an AI-powered platform that facilitates the hiring process making it ethical, smart, and fast with a preliminary selection of resumes, as well as conducting automated screening calls and video interviews with face and voice recognition.
How much time do you spend recruiting one person?
The average recruiter spends 21 hours to select 3 people from 250 CVs for a face-to-face interview. VCV helps recruiters save 20+ hours.
Recruitment Process
How the magic happens
VCV is a great opportunity to get a full picture of a candidate before meeting him or her. It's done remotely, with no scheduling and cancellations; watch recorded videos anytime and anywhere. You can ask any question, set up any time for preparation and see how the candidate responds in order to decide whether her/she qualify for a face-to-face interview. This is especially helpful in remote hiring.
Post jobs and get leads
Here's how it works: After a short questionnaire about your job vacancy, the VCV bot produces an appealing landing page and provides you with a link that can be shared on a variety of platforms: messengers, company career page, job boards, media, and etc. With the link in hand, candidates can apply and record their answers to your questions in video format. Start the bot!
Watch video responses
Video interview - get answers in video format and assess a candidate's hard & soft skills. No need for a live meeting - the candidate sees the questions for the first time. If you like, there can be time limits and the answers can or cannot be re-recordable. This is what the candidate's response will look like.
Test and assess
Create any knowledge or skills test
Create multiple questions, set up time limits, and make use of the anti-cheat feature - it is great for online and remote testing.
Ask questions in audio, video, picture and text format.
Onboard and educate
With this unique format of recorded Q&A, VCV is also a great tool to introduce people to each other during the onboarding process. Think of some funny questions and let the team answer them. Every new employee will start with watching videos and making his own.

Record lectures and webinars, divide them into modules and lessons, and send them to your employees in the convenient form of a landing page. Complement the learning process with questions in text or video format and receive feedback in the corresponding manner.
Online interview
After the pre-screening stage you can meet candidates online with the help of VCV. Schedule interviews through the platform, send invitations to calendars, make comments during the call and save recordings. Organize group calls - this is a great chance for job candidates to meet your team members, and for you to make the decision and make a job offer!
Data driven. People focused.
The process of analyzing existing data can enable your company to learn from previous experiences and forecast future outcomes that can greatly improve employer-employee interactions.
Predictive analytics
Predictive analytics gives your team in the organization the insight to be able to make evidence-based decisions from past data. It can take unprocessed data and extract actionable insights which can be applied to everyday processes and operations.
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VCV integrates with any ATS or HCM systems
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What is the difference between VCV and Skype?
The main difference is that Skype is an online communication tool; both you and the applicant communicate online and see each other. A digital interview is a candidate's recorded video with answers to the questions you created in text format. In other words, you don't have to be online while a candidate records his/her answers. The candidate does so at any convenient time, after receiving a link. You can watch the video at any time and take as much time as you need.
For which job vacancies is VCV most effective?
VCV can help fill all types of job vacancies, from entry-level to middle-level positions. The most common are in sales, marketing, finance, and administration. Most of our clients use VCV for intern programs, sales force and retail staff.