Remote Internship. How to Start a Career Online

One of the most important lines in a resume is "work experience", according to recruiters. But how can a college student gain relevant experience? The answer is: various part time jobs and internships. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic and long lockdown have imposed limits upon summer internship programs for many companies in 2020. Offices remain closed, businesses have hiring freezes and have switched to working remotely from home. However, despite all the hardships and limitations, companies are starting their internship programs for summer 2020. Remotely.
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Jun 16, 2020
Some students still doubt if there is any use in virtual internships. These doubts are understandable for various reasons. First and foremost, you may feel isolated in your home office as there is far less collaboration involved in the process. It seems to be more difficult to reach out to your colleagues and mentors, to make new friends and to soak up the company's culture. Moreover, it's so easy to get distracted at home since there is always something else to do.

For that reason, you might not have much motivation as there is no structured working schedule. The latter is especially crucial since there are no physical limits for being in the workplace. Your bosses may think that you're always available and ready to carry out any tasks, even at 11 p.m.
At the same time, an online internship is a viable chance to learn new skills, expand your network and improve your CV. It is probably the best alternative to just sitting at home, watching TV shows. In addition, you can choose from any company in the world, as you are not limited to a specific city or country. Apply to the world's top companies in the U.S., Europe or any other part of the world, no matter where you are.

Online internship is still an internship, so you will gain experience, get the required documents and certificates for your university and CV. All the problems mentioned above can be solved if you choose the internship program wisely.
Tips & Guidelines
To improve the personal connection with your mentors, always stay in touch with them. Text regularly, send reports with accomplished tasks, ask questions if you feel the need to, do not hesitate to jump on a call to discuss certain topics and join video conferences. To make new friends and connections, propose your fellow interns to organize an e-meeting for a cup of coffee. This is the way you can make a good impression on your mentors, as well as gain valuable skills, knowledge and network.

If you want to stay focused, use the relevant apps to organize the working process and to track your progress. Adjust your schedule to avoid exhaustion or other physical and mental discomfort. Try to be productive, proactive and disciplined. Ask for more tasks, suggest ideas, share your concerns, and be conscious of what you have to do.

There's one more trick for internship seekers. When applying to a company, attach the link to your video resume in addition to your text CV. This will give the recruiter the impression that you're highly motivated since you have made the extra effort to record this video. By sending a video CV, you'll definitely stand out from other candidates. You'll also have a chance to show your communication and language skills.

Use to create a short well-structured video resume. It will dramatically increase your chances to get an internship in this time of global pandemic.
Where to Find an Online Internship
Companies post information about internship programs on their websites, job boards or social networks. If you're interested in a specific company, explore their official web page and official groups on Facebook or LinkedIn. There might be information about remote opportunities.

Even if there's no sign of a virtual intern program on the website, try to reach out to the company. Any company appreciates initiative and proactivity. Send a highly motivated cover letter and your resume. Explain to the recruiters why you like this company that much, how useful you can be, what you can do and on what accounts.

Also, there are special websites dedicated to the search for online internships. Check them out.
Remote Internships by CareerUp:
Chegg Internships, job board by Chegg:
Intern Abroad HQ with intern programs all over the world:
Virtual Internships connect employers and school/university graduates:
Remote|ok is a job board for remote workers with internship section:
Job boards like or can also be very useful. Type in "internship" in the search line and select the most appropriate job based on your interests. Here you can apply to a whole range of various companies. Don't forget to attach a cover letter, it will show your motivation and specific interest in this very company and your video CV recorded at

Summer 2020 is just beginning. It's full of opportunities for students and graduates. Don't hesitate to take on an online internship; they have a lot to offer. To be the first in line for an internship, be sure to attach the link to your video CV while applying. Good luck!
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