PwC: We used to spend 18 hours a week on testing

We continue to introduce to you our client's cases. PwC shared how the company was able to decrease the time for candidates selection.
Apr 3, 2019
At PwC there are no attention-grabbing objects to convince clients to work with the company - they don't give out plush toy sharks or colorful teddy bears. Their business is auditing, business-consulting, tax and law activities. The main way PwC attracts its clients is the company's outstanding reputation.
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11 PwC offices, located in different cities in Russia, service more than 3 000 clients. Each project is executed by a team of professionals whose skills supplement each other. Because of this, the results of the projects and reputation of PwC are dependent on the quality of work of each member of the team.

Today there are 2 700 employees at PwC and that number is only growing. The company filters hundreds of people for intern and consultant positions. Each day recruiters review applications and conduct multiple interviews.

PwC usually attracts recent university graduates as applicants who are looking to start their career in our company. The average age in our company is 29.

Of course, we understand that a recent graduate may lack experience in the field and not know or forget some things. But without foundational professional knowledge and a strong understanding of English language, one cannot be successful in our company. For this reason, recruiters test all candidates to evaluate their skills.
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What changed with the arrival of VCV?
Our official request to VCV was to create a simple and easily understandable system for our recruiters on VCV's platform that would include testing and video interview. The video interview made the recruitment process significantly easier - the offline process was taken online and a traditional interview was replaced by a video. However, the structure of testing the candidates remained archaic. Until recently, the in-office testing process took 18 hours a week. Imagine two working days a week consumed by testing alone. To find a solution to recruitment, PwC turned to VCV.

VCV's employees created a convenient personal profile for recruiters to which all tests were uploaded. PwC recruiters send the candidates a link to the online test and view their work and results online. As a result, we completely eliminated the need for candidates to come to the physical offices and saved an enormous amount of time for both sides. In addition to testing, PwC conducts video interviews in parallel and these recordings are also stored on the recruiter's online profile.
The recruiters at PwC are satisfied with the digital recruitment process because it saves valuable time to be used on more important activities. In our case, this is constructing an understandable and usable operational structure for the online profile that VCV created per our request. The combination of online testing and video interviews in one place in exactly what we need. VCV was able to build an effective integrated technological solution to our problems and the efficiency of our selection process grew significantly.
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