Filming a video resume has never been easier with all the technological advances today and which are increasing exponentially. But what does this all mean? It means the future of video is just beginning, and VCV is standing on the front lines of global popularization of this format in the HR world.

Online Video Resume Software

Video CV (VCV) can be easily integrated into HR management's everyday recruitment routine. On the candidate's side the process is as smooth and comfortable as on the recruiter's side. An applicant can easily turn on the camera on their phone/PC/tablet, and speak about their motivation to get the job and tell their story in a unique way. During the application reviewing process, those with video CVs will definitely stand out, and there's a high chance that your ideal candidate will be among them.
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With a video production resume, a traditional text resume doesn't lose its importance in the recruiting process - that's the main goal of the VCV format. Candidates can still attach an ordinary resume. We want to give our clients as much information as possible about a candidate in the initial selection stages so you can identify your ideal employee and not waste time on irrelevant interviews.
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With VCV as a video producer resume, an ordinary resume is still a highly useful tool. Furthermore, it's powered by videos of candidates introducing themselves and talking about their previous experience. Genuinely interested and motivated applicants can be easily detected in the overall candidate pool.

Online Video CV Advantages

VCV as a video CV platform has unique features that help employers to speed up the recruiting process:
  • The video component cuts off irrelevant candidates during the screening stage, allowing you to focus your attention on highly relevant candidates who have a bigger chance to become a great fit for your company, ensuring a cultural match for the team.

  • Apart from the online video CV and ordinary resume, VCV gives a candidate the opportunity to add links to social media (LinkedIn, Facebook etc.) in order to equip a recruiter with even more detailed information about a candidate. No need to search yourself, a manager can follow the link in the online video resume and see the candidate's additional projects or employment that might not be mentioned in the resume.

  • Another benefit is the opportunity to see a candidate beyond the paper CV. VCV gives something that the CV can't - personality, engagement in the role, and other criteria that are usually observed only during in-person interviews.

  • Compared to resume making, video on average takes 10-15 minutes, gives more insights about a candidate and makes the process as comfortable and easy as possible. You can allow candidates to record the answers, with unlimited time for preparation so they can prepare a draft script.

Make a Professional Video Resume to Get the Best Offer!

A video resume servie can be a part of the screening process. During the initial stage we usually request:
  • CV;
  • cover letter;
  • LinkedIn, etc.

What does VCV do? It collects all this information, adds a video response to the application, and packs everything into a comfortable designed video resume software.

Our HRtechLab can add resume sourcing tools to your screening process that's designed for your recruiting needs. You can receive creative video resume links without wasting time on manual sourcing, all the while maintaining the quality of the process.

Easy Video Resume Production

Our video resume creator has a user-friendly interface both for a candidate to record and edit answers, as well as for a recruiter to check if a candidate possesses all the needed skill sets in the most convenient manner.

After answering all the employer's questions, a video profile resume can be attached to the application. All of that can be customized and tailored in your personal account on VCV. A recruiter can control:

  • the number of questions;
  • format of the answers (multiple choice, text, date format or attaching an additional file);
  • time for answers and preparations, etc.

It ensures the best online experience for both parties involved.

Boost Your Chances with VCV Video CV Platform

Compared to any other video resume maker, VCV is developed and designed by recruiters for recruiters. When creating our video CV maker we try to account for the interests of both sides involved.

We know that it's important for our clients to digitalize the process, make it faster and more efficient without losing quality and human interaction. Our video resume website is aimed at exactly the same goals. No need to do dozens of interviews per day to screen each candidate, or to do the whole 30 minute interview and realize it's not what you're looking for after the first 10 minutes.
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For candidates it's important to demonstrate all their personal and professional qualities, prove their qualifications and fit for the role, and that's where VCV video CV website comes in. We give an applicant a powerful tool, an opportunity to shine and go beyond what's written in their CV.

By giving equal opportunity to everyone involved in the process, recruiting becomes more convenient, fair and transparent. This additional step with CV video maker empowers employers and employees to be equally engaged in the process, providing both with a tool that works.

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