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Applicants Can Now Pitch Regardless of Time and Borders
VCV for Pitching is a new platform to tell investors about your project
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For contests, accelerators, championships, pitching, briefings, DemoDays, self-introductions, and etc.
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How To Use VCV
Create a Landing Page for Your Program
In just a few clicks, VCV lets you create as many landing pages about your project as you need. Applicants can apply, record a video pitch and/or answer your questions and attach their pitch deck. You can control the time they spend recording the video or preparing the question.
Share the Link to the Landing Page
Share this application landing page in messenger apps, social media or your company website in order that people can follow the link and apply instantly.
Receive Responses and Choose the Right Candidates
All the answers come to one place without wasting your time. Since all applications are stored in one place you won't lose anything, and you can easily provide feedback with our ready-made email templates. Everything is built into a convenient landing page, which can be customized and adjusted.
It takes just 5-10 minutes for applicants to record their pitch
You provide a catchy program description and we provide you with an eye-catching design
Share them with colleagues/investors/advisors in order to make collective decisions
No need for additional meetings or calls. Take your program online
Review, select, respond and store everything in one place
Advertise your program anywhere on social media
Why use VCV?
To get a full picture of your applicant
To ask questions and get to know your applicants better. Neither slides nor a business plan speaks better for applicants than they themselves. Meet the face behind all these files and documents.

Transform the selection process
Collecting CVs, CLs, business plans, reviewing documents, interview invites… all of this is an arduous process. Use VCV as a centralized platform for all your stages, and easily store information about your applicants and their ideas.
Share responses with co-workers
Send the most interesting responses via messenger apps. The platform provides this opportunity in a conveniently integrated preview format.
Use emotion recognition
Understanding an applicant's emotional state can be a great feature to select the best applicant. You'll have the chance to see if your candidates are happy, sad or neutral. The platform helps you to analyze this visual data.
Transcribe received responses
You can immediately turn your applicant's responses into text format. VCV has built-in speech-to-text technology that can transcribe your video and audio responses for further data processing.
Pre-survey questionnaire
Add a questionnaire to make sure you reach your target audience by eliminating respondents that don't fit your target group.
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