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100 best interview questions

Jul 17, 2020
What questions should a recruiter ask during an interview to find the perfect candidate? We collected 100 popular questions that recruiters ask: these will help you know your candidate better!
In order to make face-to-face interviews more efficient, you can use video interviews as part of the pre-screening procedure. The recruiter will be able to look through a candidate's responses to pre-prepared questions at any time and in any order.
1. Tell me one surprising fact about you.

2. What movie describes your life perfectly?

3. What superpower would you like to have if you were a superhero?

4. Tell me about the last time you did something unusual. What was it?

5. What are you most proud of?

6. Who do you admire the most?

7. Tell me about a time you failed. What did you learn from it?

8. What do you wish for the most?

9. Tell me about your favorite hobbies.

10. What is your perfect day?

11. What would you change about yourself?

12. What do you do to procrastinate?

13. Describe the last time you tried something new.

14. Where do you get your inspiration?

15. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
16. Tell me about a time when you took on extra responsibilities and did extra work. Why did you do it?

17. What are your main goals in life?

18. What are your career aims?

19. At the age of 6 or 7, who did you want to become when you grew up?

20. If I ask you to define the word "success", how would you?

21. How would you describe "a highly motivated" person?

22. According to your experience, please name 3 main things that motivate you in your workplace and in your life in general.

23. What factors of motivation give you energy to move forward even when you are extremely exhausted and feel tired?

24. Imagine that you needed to do repetitive work for some time; how would you find the motivation to continue and complete the task?

25. What roles do your manager or supervisor play in motivating you at the workplace?

26. Describe the best job in your life that you've ever done? Why did you choose this particular work?

27. Describe the organisational culture in which your work is most effective and you feel happy.
28. Do you prefer working as part of a team or on your own?

29. How would you define a "team player"?

30. Name 3 main characteristics in people with whom you prefer to work.

31. How would you describe your relationship with colleagues?

32. Tell me about a group project you worked on. What role did you play? What was your achievement?

33. Have you ever faced any difficulties working in a team? Tell me about them. How did you manage to cope with them?

34. Give an example of a failed group project. Why did it happen? What did you do to try to prevent failure? What conclusions did you make?

35. Give an example of a situation when you showed strong teamwork skills.

36. Tell me about a situation where you had to cooperate with a person who you didn't like. What did you do to work together successfully?

37. How would you onboard a new team member?

38. How would you manage a situation when one of the team members doesn't do his or her fair share or work?

39. How do you usually persuade other team members to accept your idea if they disagree?

40. Have you ever worked with a virtual team? How do you feel about this work format?
41. Provide an example of a time when you demonstrated strong leadership skills.

42. Do you have any difficulties with delegating responsibilities?

43. What leadership style do you prefer?

44. What are the most significant values a leader should demonstrate?

45. Do you feel any difficulties in collaborating with others and accepting their ideas, opinions, points of view?

46. Which types of rewards do you use to praise a team for an excellent performance?

47. Do you usually play the role of formal or informal leader?

48. In which way do you respond to criticism?

49. Who is an outstanding leader that inspires you? Why?

50. What is the most difficult aspect of being a leader?

51. Do you prefer written or verbal communication? Why?

52. Tell me about a situation when you had to make a difficult decision as a leader. How did you cope with it?

53. What is your attitude towards risk?

54. In what way would you track the performance of your workers?

55. Do you support competition within a team? Why?
Career expectations
56. Where do you see yourself in the future?

57. Imagine you could open and run any type of store. What would you sell?

58. Why do you think this job is suitable for you?

59. Why did you leave your previous workplace?

60. How do you feel about routine tasks and irregular hours?

61. What are you looking for in your next job?

62. How can we get the best out of you?

63. What do you need for efficient work?

64. What work schedule is acceptable for you?

65. Describe your dream profession. Where would you work and how?

66. What is the most important thing in [job responsibility]?

Why are you looking for a new job?
About the company
68. What's your favorite product of [company's name] and why?

69. Pitch me one idea to make [company's name] better.

70. Why do you want to be a [job title] at [company's name]?

71. What do you know about our company?

72. What do you find interesting in this position at [company's name]?

73. How did you hear about our company?

74. What do you know about [sphere]?

75. Why do you think our company appeals to you?

76. How does this role fit into your career plans?

77. How would you improve our products?

78. Why did you decide to join [company's name]?

79. What do you expect from working in our company?
Critical thinking & skills
80. A hammer and a nail cost $1.10, and the hammer costs one dollar more than the nail. How much does the nail cost?

81. During a test that consisted of 25 questions the student scored 60 points. How many right answers did the student score if for each correct answer he received 5 points, and for each incorrect answer 8 points were subtracted from the total?

82. The speed of the electric train is 70km/h. Which way is the smoke flying?

83. How many trains are there in the New York subway at this moment?

84. A pencil was put on the floor and several people were asked to jump over it. Nobody has coped with the task. Why?

85. You have a 5-litre jug and a 3-litre jug. How would you measure out exactly 4 litres without using any other equipment?

86. Jane's mother has four children. The first child's name is Spring, the second child's name is Summer and the third child's name is Autumn. What is the fourth child's name?

87. Teach me something new.

88. How do you usually change someone's opinion?

89. Can you tell me how to make a paper airplane without demonstrating the process?

90. If you were a pizza delivery man, what advantage could you get from scissors?
Unusual questions
91. What invention, in your opinion, was the most important for mankind?

92. What do you think about Malevich's Black Square?

93. Imagine that you have the chance to organize a lunch with any person in the world. Who would you invite and why?

94. If you had a chance to go back in time, meet yourself, and say something, what would you say to yourself?

95. How many tennis balls will fit in a bus?

96. If you had the chance to have a pet, what would you choose?

97. Suggest a solution to the situation: Dr. House has a patient with a terminal illness who will suffer a lot for the rest of his life. But there is a way out – it is enough to increase the dose of painkillers and let the patient die, but euthanasia is illegal. What should Dr. House do: leave the patient or intervene, but with a chance of being caught?

98. What is the name of the last book you read? Why did you choose it?

99. Stacy is a 15-year-old girl who wanted to celebrate her birthday in a very expensive restaurant. Her mother didn't have any money to pay for the party, so she offered her a job at the store across the street. Stacy worked so hard that she was able to earn even more than enough. However, her mother said that winter is coming, and Stacy didn't have winter boots and a coat, so she must spend her earnings on winter clothes. Stacy decided to lie to her mother, saying that she earned just a little, and then celebrated her birthday as desired. Stacy's brother - Daniel - found out about the lie. What should Daniel do: tell his mother everything or support his sister?

100. Imagine that you decide to go to an uninhabited island in order to better understand yourself. Due to bad weather, which will last for about one month, you won't be able to communicate with the outside world and call a plane to leave this island. Nevertheless, you have a supply of necessary food and drugs for this month. You start keeping a diary and write down all your thoughts, ideas, and so on. After about a month, when you are able to call a plane, you decide to burn your diary. Why?
VCV.ai helps you make this process as straightforward and easy as possible: create a vacancy and a list of questions; then ask the candidates to record their answers in video format, and select the best ones. You can also create tests to gauge a candidate's knowledge: use audio, video and pictures, and also utilize the anti-cheating feature.

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