This test builder is perfectly adjustable and covers any type of assessment. Imagine an assessment platform that can become a self-sufficient part of hiring or go along with other tools we offer.

What does an online assessment tool bring?

Our recruitment assessment tools for job applicants allow you to use any test to evaluate hard and soft skills: EQ, IQ, cognitive, aptitude, skills, personality tests, and etc.
Anti-cheating features: the candidate sees a unique set of questions, is not able to copy-paste the text, can't take screenshots. Frame by frame shooting also lets you be certain you get a candidate's real test results.
Any difficulty level or type of pre-employment assessment tests let you assess the candidate from any side you want.
The time-limit setting helps to judge everyone equally.
Enhance your employer's brand: you can include any information about your company in any format (text, photo-, video company presentation)

How does an online assessment test work?


Test results analytics lays the ground for future data-based decisions.
Automated rejection criteria: don't spend your time on assessing irrelevant results.
No manual test checking; our online assessment tools bring effective results that eliminate human error in assessing.

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